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Easter (Holidays and Special occasions)

Easter is an important feast of Christendom. It commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, which the New Testament situates two days after the passion, that is, "the third day." Each country has its tradition for Easter. Alsatians and Germans decorate their house as Easter approaches. Easter eggs are brought by the Easter Bunny. Chocolates and various decorations, often in the shape of a rabbit, adorn the shops and apartments. There are also bouquets of Easter on which we hang various subjects and painted eggs. The trees in the gardens are also entitled to a multicolored ornament with the arrival of spring; eggs and rabbits grow everywhere. Germans, Alsatians and Americans decorate hard-boiled eggs with paint or felts. In America, easter is also considered the chocolate festival since both children and adults usually receive chocolates in the form of eggs, rabbits and other fictional characters.

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