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Dromedary (Animals)

Dromedary also called Camel of Arabia, is a species of domestic mammal of the family Camelidae and the genus Camelus. For this reason, to qualify a "camel" dromedary is not, strictly speaking, erroneous but, however, imprecise, the animal commonly known as "camel" having two bumps, while the dromedary has only one apparent . Its size ranges from 220 cm to 250 cm at the withers for the older ones; its weight varies between 400 and 1100 kg depending on the breed. This herbivore has an average life expectancy of 25 years. There are two types of dromedaries: camels that weigh only 400 kg for females and 500 to 600 kg for adult males. In some countries camel racing takes place. The camels are very fast, they can run at 50 km / h in medium speed and up to 70 km / h peak. The second type of camel is the camels, which can go up to 600 to 800 kg for females against 800 to 1100 kg for males.

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