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Donkey (Animals)

The best-known donkey is the domestic donkey from the domestication of the wild ass of Africa, from which many breeds have been selected. The general characteristics of donkeys are those of equines. They are herbivorous and perissodactyl terrestrial mammals. Their ears are longer than those of other equines. Well irrigated, adapted to the desert, they allow the cooling of the body. The tail resembles that of the cow. It has short hairs except for the end covered with a tuft. Their eyes are more forward than those of domestic horses. Unlike horses, donkeys have chestnuts that are virtually nonexistent in the hind legs. Their hooves are also characteristic. More vertical, smaller and harder than horses, they do not need to be shod unless they work. Their hair is long, rough and has a wide variety of texture. The mane, with almost no tusk, is short, erect on the neck and rarely exceeds 12 cm. Their dress is usually gray except on the belly, muzzle and eye area which are white. Domestic breeds may be predominantly black, such as the Great Black Berry, or brown, like the Donkey of Poitou, or white, like the white donkey of Egypt. The gray races also have a crucial band on their backs, called "St. Andrew's Cross". Wild species are gray to brown-sand to brown-red in Tibetan wild kiang or donkey. Their cry is braiment, which is a kind of "Hi-Han" quite strident and powerful, absolutely characteristic.

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