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Crocodile (Animals)

Crocodiles live in warm regions. All species - except the marine crocodile - frequent freshwaters. They live immersed in stagnant streams where they spend their days watching for their prey. They can stay underwater for 45 minutes, so they have time to prepare a perfect ambush. They are very nimble in the water, but rather clumsy on dry land, although they can run fairly quickly. Crocodiles are perfectly adapted to aquatic life. Their lungs can move forwards or backwards. This ability allows them to keep their heads below the water and their bodies immersed, completely hidden in the muddy swamps. Their eyes, ears and nostrils are placed high on the skull, allowing them to see, breathe and hear what's going on around them as they go unnoticed by their prey. The crocodile is one of the largest reptiles.

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