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Bat (Animals)

Bats are a class order of the Mammalia, with nearly a thousand species, one fifth of mammals, the largest after rodents. These nocturnal flying animals are often capable of echolocation to orient themselves in the dark.Generally active at night, they can move in the dark by emitting ultrasounds which they capture the reflection, echolocalising their prey and obstacles. Chiroptera are the only active-flying mammals to distinguish from flying flying squirrels, phalangers or galleopithecus. They move through the air thanks to a wing formed of a skin membrane between the body, the limbs and the fingers. Most species occur only exceptionally on the ground and move awkwardly. They rest while hanging on the asperities by the claws of the toes. In popular culture, the image of the bat can be beneficial or evil depending on the country. Because of their strange appearance and nightlife and, as a result, the mystery surrounding their way of life, they are often victims of misconceptions that have long been persecuted by man.

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