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Baboon (Animals)

Described as a little man of the woods by the descriptions of the Middle Ages, the baboon is one of the few primates to lead an essentially terrestrial life. Like the first hominids, his cousins, he probably managed to survive thanks to his very social way of life. Baboons have an extremely varied diet. Very adroit, they use themselves to feed themselves with their skillful hands, whose thumb is opposable to other fingers, like that of the man. Baboons are large, slender, elongated animals, similar to the dog. Some baboons have areas of bare skin on the face, chest or hind, where they exhibit the brightest colors: red, blue or purplish. Like many primates, baboons live in organized gangs. The baboon only feels safe inside this band, dominated by a few powerful males who defend it; they are also responsible for making peace in connection with internal quarrels. They roam the arid savannahs and rocky areas of Arabia, sub-Saharan Africa, and the tall forests of western Africa.

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