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Bike / Bicycle (Transportation) #16

A bicycle (also called a bicycle in North America), or a bicycle (abbreviation of the word velocipede), is a land vehicle, falling into the category of cycles, consisting of two aligned wheels (hence the name "bicycle") . The driving force is provided by its driver (called "cyclist"), in the most often seated position, via two pedals driving the rear wheel by a chain. The front wheel is steering which allows the balance. Its orientation is controlled by a handlebar. The cyclist often has both hands in contact with the handlebars to control the trajectory, braking and shifting. Bicycle is one of the major means of transportation in many parts of the world. His practice, cycling, is both a daily use, a popular leisure and a sport. Compared to walking, the bicycle is two to three times more efficient at equal energy effort and between two and four times faster. It has also been calculated that in terms of the conversion of energy from food into movement, it is a more effective form of locomotion than that of any biological organism. The history of the bicycle could go back to 1493: in the "Codex Atlanticus", there is indeed a sketch of a pupil of Leonardo da Vinci, describing a device strongly resembling the current object: a wooden model, with two identical size wheels, a pedal and a chain connecting the rear wheel. But there is no trace of the realization of any prototype. This drawing remains controversial and would more likely be a hoax.

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