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SquareBob SquarePants (Cartoons) #131

SpongeBob is an energetic, upbeat and comical square sponge who lives in a pineapple at the bottom of the sea with his snail Gary. Bob works as a Crispy Crab Cook, a crab-based, war veteran, greedy, but still friendly, Captain Eugene Krabs restaurant, whose specialty is a crab burger better known as "pâté". of crab. Living next to Bob's home, his friend Patrick Starfish, a friendly pink starfish is home to a rock. Living between the two accomplices, Carlo Tentacule, an arrogant and unsociable squid lives in a moai on Easter Island and deeply hates his neighbors (especially SpongeBob) because of their immature behavior. He loves playing clarinet and painting his self-portraits.

Coloring page: SquareBob SquarePants (Cartoons) #131 - Printable coloring pages
Desenho para colorir do Bob Esponja com os seus amigos!

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