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Ice Age (Animation Movies) #32

The Ice Age, or Ice Age, is an American animated film by Chris Wedge and Carlos Saldanha, released in 2002. It is followed by The Ice Age 2 and so after. The story unfolds at the beginning of an ice age. An unconventional trio, consisting of a mammoth, Manny, a lazy ancestor animal, Sid, and a saber-toothed tiger, Diego, is left with a human baby. They decide to give it back to his parents, but the child is the head of a prehistoric tribe hunting tigers. Diego is instructed by his clan to lure Manny and Sid into a trap to recover the child. The film takes place in prehistoric times, at the beginning of the "Ice Age", 20,000 years ago. A flock of animals of all kinds is moving south to escape the cold. Among them should be Sid, a clumsy sloth unable to take care of himself, but he was abandoned by his family while he slept. A mammoth, decided to leave alone, takes the queue in the opposite direction. Shortly after, Sid falls from the tree on which he slept, realizes he has been abandoned and decides to walk alone. But he is pursued by two angry rhinoceros for having, after stepping on a dung, cleaned his paws in the salad of fresh leaves that they were going to eat. Fortunately for him comes the mammoth Manfred, who saves his life after a brief fight. Sid, seeing Manfred as a protector, calls him Manny and follows him everywhere against his will.

Coloring page: Ice Age (Animation Movies) #32 - Printable coloring pages
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