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Bee (Animals) #3

All bees are hymenopterous, vegetarian and pollinating insects. Foraging means flying from flower to flower in search of food. The bee harvests in nature nectar, propolis, honeydew and pollen. By pollinating the bee also ensures pollination, that is to say the transport of pollen allowing the reproduction of plants. Their size distinguishes bees from bumblebees, with comparable habits but rounder and generally larger. Wasps have a thin waist, usually less hair and their larvae are carnivorous. The name of bee is thus generally granted to species whose appearance is similar to that of flies. Their four wings connected in pairs easily differentiate bees from flies, including hoverflies, also pollinating Diptera mimicry that wear the striped suit wasp and sometimes the furry, bees. The bee is the oldest friend of man, although it appeared before him, 45 million years ago! Very early humans became aware of their interest to protect, even harbor or even raise and, more simply, to observe the bees. In addition to their ecosystem functions, bees have an important economic function.

Coloring page: Bee (Animals) #3 - Printable coloring pages
Bee coloring pages for honey lovers

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