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Bear (Animals)

Bears are animals found mainly in the northern part of the globe. They are omnivorous animals, family Ursidae. They feed on plants and meat. The color of his fur depends on his species. The polar bear, the brown bear or the black bear their names by the color of their hair. As they are big beasts, they are opportunistic and will appropriate the food that requires the least effort. If there is a lot of fruit, he will just eat these, which are less difficult to catch than live prey. The biggest bear is the Kodiak, and the smallest is the coconut bear. The majority of species will have a period of hibernation, or sleep, except the polar bear that is carnivorous. Bears are solitary animals. They spend their time looking for food to increase their fat mass for the period of sleep. They gorge themselves to accumulate hundreds of pounds of fat to be able to spend the winter. He will then be lethargic, waking from time to time. The grizzly bear or grizzly bear is an omnivorous mammal of the family Ursidae, considered a subspecies of the brown bear, common in the northern United States and Canada. Its coat has a gradient of blond, brown and black or a mixture of the three. The end of the hairs of his coat often has a gray tint which is worth its name (in English grizzle is a gray hair wig).

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